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Cajun Soccer Club Announces Senior Academy Program

Cajun Soccer Club Announces Senior Academy Program
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Following a comprehensive review of elite player development in the United States and around the world, U.S. Soccer created the Development Academy in 2007 to provide education, resources, and support to impact everyday club environments that will develop world-class players. The Academy Program's philosophy is based on increased training, less total games, and more meaningful games.  The Development Academy offers clubs and teams the ability to get into Development Academy exclusive events which has made it more difficult for our players to be seen by college coaches.

As this program has grown it has become more and more apparent that this is the future of youth soccer in the U.S. While we can’t meet all the requirements of the Development Academy, we believe that switching to a comparable Academy style model will put our players at the forefront of soccer in Louisiana and provide more opportunities for continued development.  This environment will continue to push our players to develop both on and off the field as well as provide more opportunities to be successful in the ever changing soccer landscape.

Our Senior Academy teams will consist of our most competitive, most committed, and most talented players.  The teams will be formed by dual age groups to form a U14/U15, a U16/U17, and a U18/U19 team for both boys and girls creating a total of six (6) teams.  Our Senior Academy teams will train a minimum of three (3) times per week and will compete at the highest level within LCSL (Louisiana Competitive Soccer League) and GSPL (Gulf State Premier League).  Additionally these teams will travel to 3-4 major college showcase events during the 2016-17 year.  The top players in the age groups mentioned will be chosen to play on our Senior Academy teams.

Senior Academy teams will play to win league and tournament championships, as well as serve as the primary college preparatory training and game environment.  Coaching decisions regarding playing time, player positions, and training will be made in an attempt to field the most competitive environment at all times while still emphasizing player development.  Senior Academy teams also require the greatest commitment from the player and the family.  Multi-sport athletes who are chosen to play on a Senior Academy team are highly encouraged to consider soccer their primary sport.  Players on Senior Academy teams are expected to make all training sessions, games, and events which places a premium on planning for other family activities.  Players may be moved from a Senior Academy team to a Fury/Rage team at any point throughout the year if they fail to meet the specified requirements regarding level of play and commitment.

It is our intent to continue to offer our Fury/Rage teams in each age group as well.  These teams will be formed by birth year to create age group specific teams and will play in LCSL, as well as compete in GSPL when it is deemed appropriate. Our Fury/Rage teams will play competitive soccer with an emphasis on player development, winning games, and moving players into the Senior Academy team.  These teams will operate no differently than our current teams. 

During the tryout registration process, players/parents will be asked to select which level within CSC that a player would like to play.  Selecting the highest possible level will mean they would like to be considered for and are committed to the Senior Academy.  As always, players will be evaluated and placed on the appropriate team according to their ability.


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