CSC Preseason Dates Announced!

CSC Preseason Dates Announced!

CSC Pre-Season Camp is for competitive players registered with the Cajun Soccer Club (RAGE, FURY and PRIDE teams) NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. 

Players attend with their 2019-2020 teams to kick off the year. 

July 27-28th           U15- U19 Boys         (2) Sessions a day 
                               6 to 8 College Coaches will be attending 

July 26-28th           U13- U19 Girls          (1) Session Friday, (2) Sessions Saturday, (1) Session Sunday 
                               Julie Foudy Leadership staff will be in attendance

August 3-4th          U10 -U14 Boys          (2) Sessions a day 

August 3-4th          U10 -U12 Girls          (2) Sessions a day