Fall 2017 LYSA Coed League Schedule (Updated 9/26/17)

Fall 2017 LYSA Coed League Standings (Coming Soon!)


All players must be registered through LYSA to participate in the league, link below:
(link for Fall and Spring registraion only)

As a reminder, all teams must have numbered "uniforms" and a matching roster. Uniform packages available via Third Coast Soccer. Uniforms can be t-shirts or something more professional. The choice is yours!

Thank you for making LYSA the premier place for Adult soccer!


General Information:
1. Red Card for Violent Conduct is a minimum 6 game suspension.
2. All players must have a State (Any) Issued ID Card.
*Players will not be allowed to play until they are fully registered with payment received. Referees will be checking rosters and IDs before each game.
3. Referee abuse will not be tolerated. Cautions and ejections will be given for dissent towards referees.
4. Goal differential has a 4 goal Max.
5. Minimum of 3 girls on the field at any time. 8v8 league.
6. All games will be played on Sunday evenings.
For those players that fit the LYSA COED League age limits (18+) and are looking for a team to play on, please contact our office at

Past Champions