Cajun Soccer Club

Coaches Advice

  • Start preparing as soon as your freshman year to academically meet admission & NCAA eligibility center requirements
  • Get organized.  Collect your academic & athletic information & compile together a profile to send to coaches.  Keep track of which schools you want to target, what you sent or emailed to each school, & document any phone conversation with coaches so you can remeber what was discussed.
  • Make a list of questions prior to an unofficial/official visit.  Don't be afraid to ask questions when speaking with coaching staff, athletic support staff, department counselars & admissions office.


  • College coaches cannot see everyone!  You must identify yourself & be your own advocate.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your are seen.
  • Make initial contact with coaches on your list of schools
  • Continuously updates college coaches with your accomplishments ( academically and athletically).
  • Email coaches a week or two before a showcase event & provide them with your schedule of games, jerseys #, & uniform colors.
  • When communicating with coaches make sure you express your interest in the schools academic programs.
  • Keep in mind that you are going to be a student first.


Parent Involvement
  • Coaches like to communicate with the player rather than the parent.
  • Player should be the one contacting the coach, but the parents should be a part of the process when organizing unofficial & official visits.
  • It is important on a visit the player talks to the coach & not just the parent.
  • Parents should offer support & guidance to their child.
  • Parents need to be involved in the financial aid piece & scholarship discussion.
  • Final decision on college choice should involve the parent(s).


  • Honest personal evaluation of your abilities on the field & in the classroom.
  • CSC coaches will provide honest & accurate feedback when you present them with your list of schools.
  • Don't take feedback personally.