Unofficial/Official Visits


​An Unofficial Visit is a visit to a college campus at a prospect's expense.  Colleges may only provide free tickets to an on-campus athletics event.  No lodging, meals, or transportation to campus may be provided.

  • Allowed unlimited unofficial visits
  • You can mae up to five (5) Official, expense-paid visits to college campuses.
    • Visits to the campus cannot be longer than 48 hours in duration.
    • Not allowed to have an official visit until after your first day of classes of your senior year.
  • Permissable for you to receive three (3) tickets to a college sporting event.

Unofficial Visit Checklist:

  1. Establish what the academic & athletic requirements are for admission to the school.
  2. Find out what academic support the athletic department provides
  3. Find out about the history of the program, how well the program is doing in competition & the coaches recruiting philosophy & plan.
  4. ​Find out what is the expected commitment during the offseason.
  5. Explore the living arrangement & learn about the housing situation for the current members of the team.
  6. Find an opportunity to meet the current athletes.
  7. Tour the training facilities (practice field, game field, weight room, training room, etc.)
  8. Tour the campus.

Official Visit:

​​On an Official Visit the NCAA allows a school to pay for lodging, transporation, meals, & entertainment.  That includes airfare, rental car, & three (3) meals per day.

To take an official visit in Division I or Division II a prospect needs to do the following:

  • ​Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Be added to the school's institutional request list at the NCAA Eliginility Center
  • Provide the school with an academic transcript, and
  • Provide the school with a standardized test score

Official Visit To Do List

  1. Eat at the cafeteria on campus
  2. See the on & off campus housing
  3. Visit the library
  4. Learn about the team Study Hall rules & regulations
  5. Meet the training staff
  6. Schedule time to meet with an academic advisor
  7. Hang out on campus
  8. Talk with student-athletes from other teams
  9. Spend time with the team members
  10. Watch the team play if during season.  If in the off-season, attend another sporting event on campus